Meet Roger. I still can’t believe I actually made this little guy. I had been waiting forever and a day for the book The Artful Bird to come out. I was so excited when I finally saw it sitting on the shelf at Barnes & Noble – even more excited that I had a coupon and some left over birthday money with which to buy it.

As I so often do with the art books I buy, I poured over this book cover to cover and felt completely inspired to create something. Unlike what I so often do with art books, I did NOT put this one aside and let all creative impulse go out the door. No. I actually followed a pattern and made a bird!

I find it hard to describe the joy I got out of making something with my hands. Actually sewing, by machine and by hand. Stiching. Creating. Bringing fabric to life. It has given me the courage to to want to branch out and try creating some of my own bird designs. So be on the look out for some of those….hopefully they will arrive before next year!!

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