Slow & Steady

After a year of having my little turtle around, he finally crawled home with a new owner! I sold him during our April show opening at Gallery360 (where I am a gallery member). I was out to dinner with my family when I got a text with a photo of the tag for this piece with the word “SOLD” written on it. The text was from a close friend and honestly my first thought was that she made a pity purchase on my behalf (have I mentioned I struggle with negative thoughts?). But I was so relieved to find out a total stranger purchased my turtle. And I loved it even more that the stranger’s last name was ‘Shock’!

One of the other gallery members was reviewing the sales invoices for the evening and thought it was a bit rude that someone would write the word ‘Shock’ across the top of the invoice for my turtle. She thought the person was pointing out that it was a ‘Shock’ that I’d actually sold something (finally!) I pointed out the visa slip with the person’s name listed…..last name ‘Shock’. We had a good laugh!

The sale came at a great time. It totally renewed my energy to keep pushing forward on this creative path. Some people will appreciate my work (some won’t). This is the first sale I’ve made to a complete stranger. My first sale last year was to a dear woman at my church (was she just being a good christian?). And then earlier this year I made a sale to the daughter of a fellow gallery member – stranger, yes, but still connected to the gallery, even if remotely. I’m finding this sale kind of has me freaked out. I wonder where my turtle has gone? Where is it hanging? Is it hanging? My name is out there now. I am out there now.Yikes. This is kind of scary, but exciting at the same time. A bit of a rush, actually.

I just have one fear….I better not find this turtle at Goodwill someday. O.K. seriously, I need to work on my attitude. I think I’ll go do that!

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3 Responses to Slow & Steady

  1. Jamie says:

    I often shop for frames and canvases to use in my art at Goodwill and I swear every time I walk down the aisle I think, “What if I see one of mine?!?” I decided if/when that happens, I will simply buy it and resell it! Congrats on the sale, btw!

  2. artfulife says:

    I find myself doing this often when it comes to my art. You should feel good about your creative self. In this economy I’m sure someone isn’t going to spend money on something they don’t love 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Hope to get to know you better. Did you say your son was diagnosed at 5? Happy week to you 🙂

    • Your encouragement is greatly appreciated! My son was just a few months shy of 5 when he was diagnosed – back in February of 2002. It’s been a long journey – I’m sure you can relate. I find that my art is a life saver at times – my happy place! Will look forward to hearing about how the pump works out for your daughter.

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