Alice Update

Here are some progress photos on my Alice outfit. It has proved to be a most demanding challenge – but I have stuck it out & I am really pleased with the developments. This shows how I worked over the dress I bought at Goodwill. I sewed some blue fabric right over the top of it – easier said than done – especially for someone who’s never sewn clothes before. The collar was a bear. It is very stiff as it is collage pieces of pages from the story book. Here is a close up.

Ummm…..could have sworn I had a close up of the collar….oh well. You can kind of see the words….squinting may help. Next, I had to figure out how to do the skirt part. My original thought was all wrong for the design. So I came up with ripping out the pages of the book – alternating words and pictures – painting a light blue wash over them, folding them like an accordion fan, arranging them around the skirt and stitching around the top with my sewing machine. This is NOT easy to do – sewing in a circle – trying to keep it straight – trying not to rip the paper to shreds….did I mention I don’t sew clothes??

Here is a close up of how that turned out – rather well, I think. I had to do two more rows to cover the entire skirt portion of the dress (don’t even ask how many curse words flew from my mouth as I tried to do this). I used a wide, black, grosgrain ribbon to connect the top with the skirt portion. Next I had to start working on the apron part of the outfit. Again, I used shredded pages from the book and 3 of what I consider to be central images of Alice – Alice (duh!), the White Rabbit (no falling down rabbit holes without a rabbit to chase) and the Mad Hatter (every story needs a bit of madness). The Queen of Hearts was top of the list too, but I had to cut one & she was it. So here is the progress on the apron.

I have to say I am really pleased with how it is turning out. I really feel like Alice has literally stepped out of the pages of the book – and actually took the pages with her. I have some more finishing touches to do, but it’s very close to being done. Even my daughter is surprised with how well it turned out – commenting that it actually looks like what we set out to do. And perhaps it’s a good thing I don’t know how to sew clothes because it may have stopped me from pushing forward. Not knowing the rules I don’t really know if something is possible or not & so I’ve just done it. I’m sure any designer would cringe to look at the construction on this dress – but from the outside it looks good. And unfortunately, that is something I’ve had years of practice on…..making the outside look good. Anyhoo, not to mind. Onward and upward!

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