A New Kind of Alice

Here is the completed Alice outfit worn by my daughter – taken the night of the fashion show. All went well and we received many compliments on the outfit. Not 100% sure about the apron piece yet – I suppose I can always take it off or adjust later.

Here is a frontal view. This photo doesn’t do justice to the hair and make up job we did for my daughter. We went for a punked out version of Alice – a bit edgy and inspired Sucker Punch. Not sure if we hit the mark or crossed over into Vegas show girl?

It was a fun evening – Madeleine played the part well and ate up the attention she attracted. She rocked the ‘runway’ which were actually three stationary pedestals & really hammed it up for the audience. I’d love to go forward with this theme and make the Queen of Hearts outfit we had planned – we have all the materials to do it. I suppose there is always Halloween. We’d just have to pray for dry weather as the majority of the Alice outfit is made out of paper. Here are some more detail shots – also shows the outfit without the apron. I’d love some input on the apron – keep it or ditch it??

I personally am a little torn about the decision. Without the apron shows the great detail of the paper skirt…..but the Alice I know has a pinafore. Of course I did say this was a new kind of Alice….oh, bother, what is a girl to do??

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