Time to fly…

I have been so incredibly stuck lately. Not kinda stuck. Not sorta stuck. Really friggin’ stuck. Like in a bog, with chains around my feet, blindfolded, hands tied….got the picture? And the worse part is I don’t exactly know how it happened. I was rolling along fine…..doing my thing….even made this out-of-my-comfort-zone owl using an old necklace I’ve had on my desk for over a year (I kid you not). And then somehow I tripped into the bog.

I’m slowly coming out – using every Macgyver manuever I can think of. Would really like to be chopper lifted out of this, but alas, I know it’s up to me. I think what tripped me was my grand thought to begin the big wood panel I’ve had on my easel since January 9th. Yes, I know the date I put it there. I had a brilliant idea. And then I didn’t. But I really do, but fear took over. So the wood has stared at me (mocking me – daring me), since that date. So what do I do……I make owls.

I whipped this guy up rather quickly. I’ve spit a tiny sailor one out (photo will have to come later-the little sailor hat is too cute). And now I just started another one tonight. Seriously? What is up with that? Owls must be my go-to creation. Maybe if I make enough of them they will lift me out of the bog.

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